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Service transmision ?


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I have a 2011 jetta 2.5l se. Automatic transmission. Previous owner had receipt from all normal maintenance done by local vw dealer. All maintenance done on time. No record of trans service. Car runs great drive fine. I assume it has original fluid with 120,000 miles. Should I do anything to transmission or leave it alone?

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Check condition of the fluid. Does it smell burned? Is it gritty? Or is it just a bit dark?

The issue here is that if there has been excessive wear of friction surfaces due to lack of maintenance the suspended grit in the fluid may be all that's preventing internal slippage. In that case you would not want to change the fluid, It would also mean the transmission is living on borrowed time.

However if the fluid is dark but not burned and no grit it should be safe to do a drain and fill, gradually introducing new fluid into the transmission. Save the old fluid in a clean container just in case. (Three drain and fill procedures, driving around between times, will replace about 90% of the fluid.) 

If there is a replaceable filter that should be changed as well.

I was reminded by another Jetta thread, this advice applies if you have a conventional automatic transmission. If you have a dual-clutch automated transmission (DCT) that's a horse of a different color entirely...


just keep servicing it regularly