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Should I buy a 2008 Honda civic coupe · EX


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I’m looking to replace my Chevy Cruz, should I buy a 2008 Honda civic coupe · EX from a private seller for $6500 78,500 miles, seller info:

2008 Civic Coupe

Clean title in my name


Registration valid until Dec. '24

Drives perfect 

Runs perfect 

Shifts perfect 

Brand new rear brake calipers rotors pads and hubs

Fresh synthetic oil change premium oil and filter

Fresh transmission drain and fill with OEM Honda ATF fluid 

Denso spark plugs

4 wheel alignment at Simply Performance 5/17/24

Full inspection at Specialty Foreign Auto 4/20/24

"Car is in perfect shape mechanically" were the exact words, Car has some damage from an incident with rain and a guardrail and is not perfect cosmetically by any means and won't ever be without some significant work. Great commuter 34 mpg, Smells good, Clean inside, Ac just went out See less

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How bad was the accident, was there structural damage or just body. It doesn't matter what he says was done people lie all the time. Tell him you want a pre inspection done and bring it to a shop and have it done  . It usually cost between 45 to 85 depending on what that shop  how detailed the inspection is. With out knowing how bad the accident was and if there was frame damage it hard to say if it's a good deal or not. Also we don't know if everything was done that he claims.  But I highly recommend you have a pre inspection done.

Thank you! What are you thoughts on the 2007 Honda civic lx 2 door are they the same?


That car is way better than the Chevy Cruze, I'd tell you that. They're great cars and they can run for a very long time. Before you buy it, get a mechanic to check it out just in case something pops up. You don't wanna buy it and next you know there's maintenance that's needed while it would be more than the price of what the seller is asking. So yeah, that's one thing to be aware of. If it's all good then go ahead and buy it! 


If all maintenance was done on time and wasn't beaten they can last a long time.  It's not uncommon to find them with 200,000 miles or more. I know for sure there where motor failure issues with the 2006 to late 2009. If that was the case with this car it would of have been effect.  few other jssues I know of are cracking manifold , motor mounts failing, windshield wiper motors failing. Some of them had break rotor issues,  a transmission issue with 3rd gear. I think it was a issue with the solenoids . A few minor electrical issues. Most of the things would have been addressed by now or this car just didn't have those issues. I can't remember off hand if there is anything else to note. When I get home I can look it up and get back to you.

I do think it can be a excellent car if everything  checks out . I do think your best option is having a pre inspection done. That is the only way to know for sure if the car is good or not. Make sure you go to a reputable shop.