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Should I trade in my Chevy avalanche for a new Chevy pickup?.


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my avalanche is all paid off should I trade it it to get a new Chevy pickup I hardly have any problems with my avalanche only brake lines but it runs like a clock or should I keep the one I have and get a new pickup? I’ve fixed my truck not starting.

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I keep the one you're already have I'm not a Chevy fan but I'm certainly not a fan of the new stuff they have real quality control issues


What is the year and mileage on it?  As long as it is running fine and you have been on top of all the maintenance and service (especially engine oil and transmission fluid temperature), keep what you got.  If it’s model year 2007 and newer, I would also deactivate the cylinder deactivation system (AFM).  But realize the newer GM products are even worse now  (with the exception of their 2500+ heavy duty HD trucks and commercial trucks).