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Should we keep it or time to upgrade?


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Hello, Wife and myself have a 2005 Toyota 4Runner 4WD 4.7L-V8. It has 147,xxx miles. We've had it for 3+ years and it's paid for 😊 . Besides full suspension rebuild, CV axles, front wheel bearings, brakes and routine maintenance, haven't put a ton of money into it. It has some upcoming needed maintenance/repairs that are on the costly side. It needs the timing belt service. I checked under the covers and the belt is starting to show it's age. Secondly, the right exhaust manifold has a tick/leak and downstream cats are showing their age as well. Thinking about doing the right manifold (primary catalyst integrated) and removing secondary cats with a custom SS y-pipe. I should mention I have a close friend that's a professional car mechanic that teach/do the repairs for his hourly rate instead of local shop fees. I want to be realistic however, are these repairs worth doing and then keeping the truck or is it time to let it go and get something with less rust and a bit newer? Thank you!

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If it's basically solid I'd do the needed maintenance and keep it. (I really dislike overpriced newer vehicles with their crazy and largely unnecessary high level of technology that will cost a fortune to repair.)


Better to keep the car you know , especially since you seem to have no major issues. 


Here are your choices:  keep what you have and maintain it or go $40,000 in debt to get something new that will be less reliable than what you already have.  Seems like an easy choice to me.  Keep it.