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[Solved] drive shaft


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2004 kia sorento lx manual transmission; 135550 mileages

i brought my car in a shop for radiator replacement and the mechanic so kind checked my car for any other problem and find nothing except that i need to replace my drive shaft. He told me all the signs of a bad drive shaft, i am not a mechanic but i didn't notice not even one of the sign he told me, no unusual noise, no vibration i even tried to check it the way you say it, it does move a little the first time i try and thats with force but not back and forth. 

Do i need to bring my car back to that mechanic and let him repair the drive shaft or i can try to go to another mechanic for second opinion?

By the way its almost three months since me and my mechanics discussed that issue and i just bought that car last april 10.


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Typically driveshafts need to be replaced when the rubber boots break, letting road dirt and debris into the U-joints. Did the mechanic show you a torn boot? Also they will click on turns when the outer joint (at the wheel) wears - are you hearing anything like that?

The mechanics did not show me anything, he just told me. i just checked any torn boots and i did not see even one.
There is no click or any unusual sound when i turn nor when i speed up. Actually the wheel is so responsive.

I would ask him to show you on what basis he's making that diagnosis.

thank you very much chuck...


2004 Kia Sorento drive shaft runs about $350 but you can have the 2 u joints (Precision #365) replaced at $40 each.


Aftermarket driveshafts on are running about $50. Of course who knows what kind of quality they are.

They are not $50. The cheapest one they sell is $220.00