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Small stripped fastener extractor suggestion?


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03 F250 5.4 165k

Any suggestions on stripped bolt extractors in the 5-6mm range?

So far the smallest I could find was 7mm, I've tried hammering sockets on & the area is too cramped for vice grips.

Unfortunately I have to be pretty careful as the mounting boss is plastic with a brass insert (ignition coil bolt).

I have no idea what the original size was as the prior owner seemed to put a different fastener in every hole. The closest to fitting was 6 or 5.5, couldn't get any imperial sockets on whatsoever.


got a photo?

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It sounds like you're saying that the bolt didn't snap but the bolt head is rounded out and the socket can't grab onto it so you're considering drilling it out and using an extractor to remove it.

It doesn't have to be a metric extractor.

Any extractor 3/16" or under will work and they're easy to find.