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So I drove an electric through a flooded street and...


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Now my driver assist system is on the fritz!  My car is a 2014 Cadillac ELR and no I didn't intentionally do it I had no choice, I had no where to turn off and I couldn't back up so I slowly drove through. Is it odd that there are no codes even though the system isn't working and I have a warning message telling me to have it serviced? 

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Scotty answered at 5:16


It means your scanner can't read the data. It needs a more sophisticated device.


Also, please don't press the submit button repeatedly. You are creating duplicate posts. Thanks.

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Yeah I saw that but I thought I deleted the duplicate. Oh well I figured I wouldn't be able to fix anything on this car so I guess that's about right. 

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Well what do ya know?  I hadn't watched this one so I had no idea. 😀