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I have an 03 Mitsubishi Eclipse gts Spyder and I’ve replaces the starter, alternator, spark plugs and wires, distributor, and all belts, fuel pump and when I turn the key it just makes a whirring sound but no crank yet. What am I missing??

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Sounds like you got a bad starter from the part store it happens all the time, or it isn't installed/Shimmed properly. Or your old starter ate the teeth off the flywheel. Take it off and inspect the teeth on the flywheel. if they look ok take it back and have them test it. Also have them test any replacement they give you before you leave, or purchase a new one instead of a rebuilt one. Most places sell rebuilt ones. Last starter I bought they had 4 come off the shelf bad before they tested a good one. Guess that auto parts store wasn't so Advanced. 


Also make sure that the battery is good. 

Thanks! Have you noticed I assume the simplest things sometimes?

Np. I think you are doing the right thing.