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Switching Toyota's plastic oil filter housing to the OEM Aluminum... RAV4 edition.


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Have any of you done this?


I bought the aluminum 15620-31060 Toyota housing for replacement on Rav4s (2015 LE and 2018 LE+XLE, all made in Japan) and one for my 2020 4Runner. I was motivated because a kid off at college was told by a legit shop that the plastic one was overtorqued and they won't use something like over 15ft lbs of torque to remove the plastic ones (from how I hear it, it should only be 12-13 pounds for removal torque, maybe less).


I've seen pictures of the plastic OEM Rav4 filter housing (part number 15620-36020) being sold and it looks like the perforated inner tubes that hold the filter in place are the same length as this aluminum bit. Supposedly, this is aluminum part is a DIRECT replacement for the 4-cylinder Camry & Venza that has the same exact engine.  Thing is, Toyota's VIN match system says they are not compatible with the Rav4... The amount that the perforated tube that comes with the metal housing version sticks up is 9-9.5mm.


Does anybody have experience with this changeout on this era of RAV4? 


If it is a straight changeout, I'd feel a lot more comfortable mailing it to my kid and having them change it straight out at the oil change place. It's a lot simpler, just putting O-rings and pulling the bottom cap and moving it over.


Thanks all.

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I really haven't heard any negative feedback in regards to switching over to aluminium.

Keep in mind that's mostly reading amazon user reviews & content on youtube, so proceed with caution, keep an eye on the new unit for leaks atleast once or twice a week for a while.

I'm not a fan of any plastic on engines after encounters with plastic intake manifolds, can't imagine the pucker factor after a few oil changes using that junk.


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I had the fortune to take a caliper for a new plastic housing for the 2015 and 2018 Rav4s that I have. I think its the same housing for the entire generation 2013-2018(?) of the 4-cylinder 2AR-FE engines... It is an exact dimensional fit. 75mm ID of the entire housing 25mm ID for the perforated tube and 9.3mm between the top of the housing and the top of the perforated tube. Threads match too.

I don't know why Toyota doesn't embrace and promote this other than the extra weight might be an EPA deal... The extra 18 ounces might be some governmental hangup. Who knows.

@futuresocalescapee if you do have success with this aluminum replacement, please post here - though I don't have any of them now, the thought of plastic oil filter housings fills me with dread.

I'm waiting for the next oil change... In the "old days," with $1.99 a quart 0W-20 Kirkland full synthetic, I would have already done it... Now that it is $3.89/quart for this political cycle, I gotta wait.

@futuresocalescapee, Yeah, thanks a lot Joe!

@mmj I was referring to Joe Biden, sarcastically.

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