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Tacoma transmission issues


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2001 Tacoma Prerunner 6cyl

307,000 miles so far


Transmission seems to have slack.  Slams into gear until it is fully warmed up.  It is sporatic in performance and makes it seem like the fuel pump is going out.  Replaced fuel pump but that made no difference so focusing on the transmission.

Purchased used with 79,000 miles on the vehicle.  Replaced all transmission fluid with full synthetic (23qrts) but I have never changed trans fluid or serviced trans since then.


FYI- Your "Vehicles that will last 300,000mi"  described exact experience with my Tacoma.  First major breakdown occurred at 285,000mi.  Some major work was required to the tune of about $3000. (I was lucky to find an independent certified Toyota mechanic)

After that it runs great with the exception of above issue.

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Based on your numbers, you haven't changed the trans fluid in 228000 miles.