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The UNSOLVABLE 2013 Ford Edge Limited Ecoboost 4 cyl


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Hello, I'm here bc I love your channel.  Been a fan for many years.   I have a car problem no mechanic in or outside the dealership has been able to solve.

2013 Ford Edge Limited Ecoboost 4 cyl

The car will randomly die while driving or when stopped.  If I Rev the engine it will stay on longer but at slow speeds eventually dies.  The dealership replaced the purge valve assembly, the master break cylinder(booster whatever its called), they replaced all the hoses bc I could smell fuel sometimes.  The car lasted about 2 months then started doing the same thing.  When it dies it says oil pressure low, the sensor has been replaced.  The CEL throws a code for right bank sensor which was replaced with the purge valve assembly.  It's costing me to much money so it stays parked now.  What on earth is left that could be doing this? 

Does anyone in this world know how to solve this or had to deal with the same thing?  I'm defeated and about to give up entirely.  It has 80,000 miles on it and won't get another one until I can figure this out or just scrap it for a few bucks. 

Anyone out there that can help, please I beg you, I'll try anything at this point.  Thank you for your time. 

- The unsolvable unfixable Ford Edge from another world. 

Please post all codes here, thanks.

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Well have a mechanic check the real oil pressure with an actual gauge while it's running and if it really does get low oil pressure and unconked out means the engines wearing out inside and the lack of oil pressure forces the computer to shut the engine off. If not that those things are complex electronic monsters and as you found out, even the Ford dealer's really don't know how to work on them. Good luck