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Problem replacing crank pulley woodruff key


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To begin with, I’d like to thank you for all your videos you developed to assist people in fixing their on car. If you could please help me with this issue please

I removed crankshaft pulley/harmony balancer including woodruff key, now that I want to put the key back inside it does not want to go all the way inside. I tried old key and still can’t get it in. What would you recommend I should do? In most videos it shows removing and placing back in very easily, but I can’t

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Try putting a piece of medium grit sandpaper on a known flat, hard surface and rub the woodruff key back and forth to remove any burrs.  When installing the key in the slot, check for any burrs there also.  The key has to be installed so that the top flat surface is parallel with the crankshaft.  Also, check the harmonic balancer key way for burrs of roughness and carefully remove any with a fine file.


how are you putting the key in?

well if you won't tell me what you did then I can't help you

I rubbed key & removed burrs. When installing the key in the slot I can’t get it in still. I did followed so that the top flat surface is parallel with the crankshaft.

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I followed recommendations and still can’t get key in. Suggestions

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it does not want to go all the way

Then get it started, lightly tap it in, and then use the pulley and nut to drive it in the rest of the way.


It's really hard to offer help without at least a picture. But anyway, shaft keys are meant to be a very tight fit. They just require adequate force. Make sure the slot is free of any schmutz or corrosion.