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Thought on the 2022 Mustang Mach-E


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I’ve been looking at getting an electric car and most seem to have long wait times. The only one that seems readily available is the Mach-E. Why does the Mach-E have no waiting time compared to the others like the Ioniq 5 and EV6? Is the reliability and quality of the Mach-E worse?

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Made in Mexico by Ford, a company known for serious quality problems. What could possibly go wrong? (No doubt the following examples are just the beginning.)


Because it's a piece of junk.  What do you expect when the people building your car only make an average $12/hour?

More like $12/day!


So an overly high-tech electric car known for having terrible reliability? Yeah that's a pass.

All EVs suffer from quality and longevity issues.

If you want to save on fuel, Toyota Corolla Hybrid, Toyota C-HR Hybrid, Camry Hybrid.


Tread carefully -


I got to test drive a Mach E and was very impressed by its shear power and handling. Interior felt like a typical Ford of the era with the vertical big screen. My biggest complaint is how to open the doors. You tap your finger on a “button” and then pull a latch located elsewhere. It looks ugly and isn’t very functional. I get whey they did it, so they can be modern like Tesla. But it is a poor implementation. 

BUT!!! I would never buy one. Too many major recalls especially having to do with the battery. 

On top of that, they RUINED the Mustang name, by calling that monstrosity a Mustang. That is no Mustang. 


You might want to check out this article about why Ford is the "Recall King" of the auto industry.  I wouldn't even consider a Ford product at this time.


The best fuel saving vehicle that’s also reliable you can get right now is a Prius. The newer 2023 one looks very nice.


It is Major chutzpah that they are making muscle cars electric the whole point of the muscle car is it's oversized engine