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Looking for mechanic in Worcester, MA


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There are so many places that offer an inspection and they are all about the same price.  I am looking at buying a 2010 Honda Element from a private party in the Worcester, MA area and need a proper mechanic to do the inspection.  The car is in the 01611 zip code.  I have no issues paying someone for their work, just need a reliable person to go to the car as apparently its not registered, so the seller cant just take it to a Honda dealership for me.  Anyone from the Worcester area have suggestions?  Or is Lemonsquad my only choice?

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As far as I know, most mechanics just test drive the car and hook up their scan tool to check for codes. So, ask it is helpful to them what they do for the inspection. Although it can be helpful but I think most of these stuff can be done by yourself. There are rare mechanics that go through live data (like Scotty) and analyze them. You might ask mechanics for specific test you think is necessary and they likely charge you extra money for those. 


The most important test you must get is a compression test, dry and wet, IMO.


Does nobody use "please" any more when they ask for something? Just because Scotty was gracious enough to create this website, is help just expected? From the sound of the title I had to edit, you would think it was being demanded.

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Do I expect help because I asked for it? Help implies free, I am looking for someone that is looking for work, so that I can pay them. People call my shop all the time asking for services I don’t offer. But I do have local businesses that I recommend for those services. If I don’t I usually know whom to ask. I see your completely on the other side of the country, but you reply just to harass because I didn’t put please in my title…… PLEASE GO AWAY!! Is that better? You get Illustrious Member because of the number of replies the system counts you have, so just going around and replying to people’s questions that you dont actually have any information is against what Scotty set up here. Its like the people that respond to an amazon question but that have never bought the item……useless.

I’m not going anywhere. If you don’t like that, then you’re welcome to go away yourself. I can even help you with that. If you want to continue to receive help here, then I suggest you behave respectfully towards the people who volunteer their free time here, and show some humility. If you break the rules then you will be accountable for your actions (or harassed as you perceive it). Your choice.