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[Solved] How do I negotiate a deal in this tough market


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My son's car just died today and he wants a 2022 Ram City Cargo Van due to his type of work. They are hard to find new and what we have found is marked up at least $10,000 above MSRP...frustrating, plus it's the end of the '22 model year. Will you please send some helpful tips on effectively "new car" dealer negotiating in this "chip"/"Supply Chain Shortage"/"Greedy" market? I found 2 new ones at a local dealer that've been there over a month and they won't negotiate down on either one.

Anything will be helpful! Thank you.

Still love my Regal!

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Total absolute worthless crap - That FIAT is a disaster!

A Fiat Dublo with RAM badging.

$10,000 above MSRP

Looking online that IS a $10,000 car. 

When converted from Australian prices.


And even at that price? Not worth it.

the end of the '22 model year

It's the end of that model.

Fiat has axed it and will replace it with a French car for the '23 model year.


So it's a dead design in the last year of manufacturer of an unpopular Italian car.

Same with Ford, their Transit Connect flopped so hard they axed it and now it's going to be a VW.

I found 2 new ones at a local dealer

Run away.

Thanks for the good intel, Dan! The Ram's OFF the list.



The best way to negotiate is don’t negotiate. Don’t be desperate. They can smell it. Let them come to you. Let them be desperate to sell you a car.