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Toyota Hilux 2017 Weird Clunk noise when braking


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I'm having this weird noise when releasing brakes (not always)
sometimes after a speed bumps when I release my brakes it clunks.

I shared a video showing that It doesn't clunk on a bumps. (Sometimes it happens when releasing brakes after a speed bumps)

Already replaced Front and Rear Shock Absorbers/Suspensions and Leafsprings. Bushings, and any other suspension parts such as tie rod, rack end, stab link etc. are all Good. (already consult 4 mechanics about the issue but they can't find the source of the noise.
Brakes are all Good (Also checked by all mechanic, even ME)

It drives me crazy every time I hear the noise and I'm tired and wasted money for them to check but still no luck.

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sounds like brakes coming unstuck. Are the drums badly worn?


Well something is obviously one but that's a pretty loud noise. So do my video finding the source of car noises Scotty. That device will find any noise and pinpointed exactly it could be in a differential could be anywhere that will pinpoint the sound