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[Solved] Should I buy a Toyota Rav4 2019 hybrid AWD


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Hello Scotty,

I want to buy a Toyota Rav4 2019 hybrid AWD (I live in France, no more gasoline version just hybrid) with 35000 miles, did you say it’s needed to change the oil transmission of the CVT beetween 30000 and 35000 miles? (I think the previous owner used the rav4 for towing).

I want a reliable car, is it a good choice?

Thank you

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They are reliable, and although Toyota says to change the fluid every 30k to 50k, I would do 30k to 35k to be safe.


The only issue with hybrids is their battery packs when they need replacement as they get older. It is an expensive ordeal.


 You: "want to buy a Toyota Rav4 2019 hybrid AWD (I live in France, no more gasoline version just hybrid) with 35000 miles,"


Well, … following vid my just help:

Should you buy a Toyota Hybrid?


Thank you very much

No trouble, … I’m glad you had a chance to hear that Toyota technician out. He makes a lot of sense. We have, … one member of a family owns a ‘19 RAV4 Trail, non-hybrid, since ~ June ‘19. We elected non-hybrid, … some 40,000 kilometres since, … we are most happy.

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Hi everyone 

I just picked up the vehicle.
It's really fantastic!!! 
Thank you again for all this information.
The eCVt fluid has been changed, red color, really clean, to do every 30000 miles, very easy to do.
Oil engine, I change it every 5000 miles and I also check the fan filter. I don’t forget to do the service at Toyota every 10,000 miles.
It should be good.
The only problem I feel like I have is the gas tank, I refueled, but I think there is a problem, because I can only do 435 miles at most (gas tank, it’s 14.5 gallon; my consumption, it’s 40 mpg; so normally, I can do 555 miles, did I miss something?). I will see with the next refueling.
Thank you very much 😀 

Happy Motoring!
As to fuel consumption, … many factors effect consumption. I would wait until couple or three tanks of fuel are consumed and distance driven compared. Than, have a chat with a dealer. There could be something there.

On fuel consumption, et alia, have a look at this vid:

At about 20 minutes point it start. Hear it out, than of to a dealer. There is a problem and a fix.

This video is coming timely 😁
One more time, thank you!!
Best regards

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Thanks for the advice 😀