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Toyota Sienna


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Hello Scotty

I am looking to buy a minivan, I would prefer a Sienna.  I don't want to spend $40k in a 2021 model though.  Which year and trim would you recommend? and which years to avoid?

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See below:


Do not buy the first model year. That engine is known for oil sludge issues. The 6-speed automatic with the four-cylinder in the 2011-2020 model years has transmission issues. Buy with a V6 only.

That's what I was looking for, 2011 - 2020 generation Sienna, I am also hearing that they leak coolant and oil, is that something I can avoid with specific years?

If that particular model leaks coolant and oil, then I would avoid that as well.

@kesterpaul62 where is your source that 2011-2020 with the I4 engine have transmission issues? We don’t want to lead OP astray. Certainly 2012-2014 Camry’s had that issue, but where are you getting 2011-2020 Sienna’s from? We don’t want to unnecessarily condemn a whole generation of Sienna.