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[Solved] Transmission replacement


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i have a 2013 nissan altima 4 cyl. my transmission is done at 95k. My question is should i have dealership or local shop do the job? I am scared local shop will place a used transmission i am also scared of the dealership price tag at $5000 vs local shops $3800. i also hear dealerships have local shops work do the work anyway and just keep the extra? please help

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Look for the best warranty. 

The dealer will likely have the most reliable rebuild. 

yeah i am leaning towards dealership the other shops just dont seem very trustworthy. i am going to see how much i can get towards trade in if i can get 6000 i probably let it go.

It's a gamble. The engines are pretty reliable.

@awaken, bear in mind that a lot of dealers will give high tradeins only to take the money back via dirty tricks in F&I, so if you go that route keep your eyes open - check all figures and fine print.


Are you referring to transmission rebuilt? If so, non of them. If you want to take care of the transmission, either you should find a good company with warranty or find one from a junkyard with low mileage. 

I rather have a new transmission. theres amcco for 3800. dealership is 5k, other shops 3500. i am scared the local shops will give me a used transmission. may do dealership or just trade in? this is vegas there are no honest shops.

You can try and sell the car but I'm not sure how much you can get with the car condition. I would listen to @Doc if you decided to change the transmission.

Stay away from AAMCO, they are ripoff artists, they are probably even more likely than a random local shop to clean off a junkyard transmission and pass it off as new or rebuilt. For the kind of money you're talking about I'd be looking for another car.


With a non-working transmission you will be porked on resale value. If you really like the car and otherwise took good care of it, get the trani done. There are competant companies that do warrantied rebuilds that a small shop can buy from. Just be very clear when asking a shop how they plan to manage the transmission repair. 

Well all the shops including nissan have told me they place new trans. They all give me the 1 yr warranty. i was going to pull the trigger with amcco but many have said there no good. its a tough decision i may do dealership but i have heard they sometimes contract outside shops and keep the markup. None of the little shops give me any kind of real assurance they will not screw me with a used trans. im gonna take a week to decide