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Should I buy a new Tacoma


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Hey Scotty,

So Toyota is now going to make Tacomas with crappy turbo charged engines. Since a new Toyota is now officially out of the question, which brand of truck should I be looking at? It is a sad day indeed. I would love a v8, but I might settle for 6 if I had to for the value. 


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Eh, there's still good options.  They're all overpriced, but so is everything these days.  What to do kinda depends on your wants and needs...

  • If you can afford to wait, you could hold off a year or 2 to see how the new taco does.  Might be OK after all.
  • You could also give the new Colorado/Canyon a look.  They're made in the USA and fit and finish is a step up from the previous gen (the 8-speed transmission is the question mark)
  • Scotty just made a video comment about how GMC quality seems better than Chevy, and that new GMC trucks are OK.  I don't know if that's just anecdotal.  but FWIW, I have a Sierra with the 3.0 Duramax and like it so far, going on 30,000 miles.
  • Make a low ball offer on a Ram.  They're made of feces, but the dealers are desperate.  If you can get the price down low enough, you can keep the rest $ in a slush fund for repairs.  Besides, they ride nice.
  • Don't forget the Ridgeline.  For the right buyer, it's a solid "truck".

Or go old school.  Honestly, if I had to buy a truck today, I'd get a 1990's Chevy and rehab it.  They are still great trucks, and if you get the engine and transmission sorted they can still be daily-driven.  Parts are easy to get and DIY service is easy.  You just have to be in the right mindset to do your own work (brakes, wheel bearings, minor electrical, etc).

I love the old Chevy Suggestion! @dad2LM2


This is very common question on the forum. Please use the search.



Or, if you can swing it, get the final model year of the current gen Tacoma which is the last of the naturally aspirated Tacomas.