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[Solved] Used 2016 Chevy Colorado Turbo diesel


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I am looking to purchase a used '16 Z71 Chevy Colorado 6 speed automatic with a Duromax 2.8L Turbo Diesel 4x4. It has 65000 miles on it and the asking price is 25000. I haven't heard you talk about diesels on the channel, but you are very knowledgeable and would appreciate your input

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25k is way too much! Scotty likes the GMC, but they are the same thing, just rebadged. You would probably be fine to get one at a lower price.

Thanks.... Dealership quoted price




Scotty likes them a lot and here is a video of him reviewing one (the GMC version) but $25,000 is way too much for one of those.

Thanks... No sure how I missed this


Keep in mind it’s still a GM product and while the powertrain might be good, it’s the other systems around it that might fail or give problems before the powertrain does, notably electronics which is something GM is definitely not known for.  If you get it, to reduce complexity (and less things going wrong) go with a lightly optioned version and get RWD unless you absolutely need 4WD.