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[Solved] MISERABLE performance! Want to get killed? Buy a new Wrangler. Safety tests failed!!!


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This thing literally had NO side airbags in the back. Whether you rely on airbags or not, its a 2021 vehicle without airbags! It also ROLLED OVER in the frontal crash. Please watch. We already know they are prone to rolling over but this is basically the first time it has happened in the overlap frontal crash.

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I have watched a lot of those crash videos. While the music is not my style (not really one for dramatics and would rather no music to be honest), they seem to use it in all the tests.


I've never considered Jeeps as safe for accidents. I mean:


1. High center of gravity means rollover odds are increased

2. They have disclaimer stickers IN THE JEEP that say the roof is not meant to protect you in event of a rollover

3. Pretty much the entire vehicle can be disassembled like a Lego kit using just the torx tools that they supply with it when you buy it


The current Wrangler also failed the Euro NCAP safety tests.


My younger brother last weekend traded out his 2018 Mustang GT for a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited with a 3" lift and 33" tires. He loves it, but has a wife and two kids. I'd rather not see them rolling around it in it but hey, freedom of choice. The kids love it and think it is pretty much a Transformer the way the roof folds up and down. Lol.

Looks fun

Yeah it is a neat ride.


was the dramatic music really necessary?


It's a high centre of gravity vehicle. What do you expect.

It survived the side-impact pretty well.

1. The Jeep Wrangler isn't the only vehicle with a high center of gravity but it is the only one to roll over.
2. There were literally no side airbags in the back in that impact the forces could severly injure of kill him. Sure the Jeep may have 'survived the side-impact pretty well," but not the people inside it.

If you'd like to check some stuff out on your own,

I dunno... I wouldn't jump to any conclusions from a single test.

And the Jeep side didn't collapse in the side impact. The person didn't get crushed. I would call that a win.

This video is a really obvious hit piece.


Since I hail from a time when cars didn't even have lap belts or padded dashboards I find it hard to get upset about a lack of rear air bags. Most of the cars I've owned have had zero air bags and I've never owned one that had more than two (driver and front passenger). I'd rather not even have those - who knows what a decades-old air bag is going to do. Face full of shrapnel maybe? As far as rolling over, just look at those Jeeps, you know they're not going to be the most stable vehicles around.