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What do we know about the Infiniti QX30 2017-2019 ?


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An elderly couple, relatives of mine, are looking into buying themselves an Infiniti QX30 2017-2019 in LA, California. They obviously liked this car for some reason, but what is known about it from the reliability and durability standpoint? Does it hold up over time? Does it have major issues? They think that this make has a Benz engine inside, and they also think that it is a benefit. Thank you!

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It’s a result of the cooperation between Renault (owners of Infiniti) and Daimler.

Its a rebadged Mercedes GLA.

avoid it.


This "Japanese" car was built in Northern England and designed in Germany,

Turns out modern ridiculously bad German engineering and "British car craftsmanship" - mix well horridly.




The powertrain is a mess also.

Anyone who has things a Mercedes engine is a bonus, just lacks experience with their modern products.

Modern Mercedes engines are nightmares - they make Chinese engines (such as the VEA) look like masterpieces.


As far as the crapshoot installed in that British-German pile of sticks,

It's known for having a limited amount of start-stop cycles before the camshaft position trigger disc shifts.

ON A CAR WITH A START-STOP SYSTEM! and when it shifts too much? that's new camshafts $,$$$.


Also, it has a tendency to crack and destroy it's own pistons

(looking online that's cause of Mercedes fuel ecological firmware - so ecological it makes your car go zero emissions when the engine blows up at 60,000 miles and it's sitting in the junkyard.)



Also, injectors go out and cost $,$$$.

Timing chains stretch and cost $,$$$.

VVT phasors constantly rattle and cost $,$$$.

Also it has a variable performance engine oil pump, it gets stuck in the lowest performance mode and your engine detonates.


Most interestingly, looking online, this is probably the only car I can think of that's known for leaking fuel.

I get that Mercedes crap constantly leaks oil, but fuel? that's dangerous.



Most of these cars came with the 7G-DCT.

Remember the "beloved" Ford dual clutch? the one nicknamed PowerS****?

Guess what! Renualt-Mercedes have worked hard to carry over this disappointment into the luxury car space!

It has a somewhat improved version of that transmission.


Although Mercedes did manage to engineer out the shift shock, they made repair costs MUCH worse!


So it's not uncommon for a transmission with 60k miles require a dual clutch assembly,

Unless you know a shop that works on these, it will cost you mid-$,$$$ to replace the clutch at 60k~90k.


And if you don't replace the gearbox oil frequently enough, make sure to save another mid $,$$$ for a mechatronic.

(Mercedes have suspended the clutch in the oil used by the very delicate electro-hydraulic control unit - but clutches were and create tons of dirt all of which ruins the super expensive mechatronic until your transmission doesn't shift right/at all)



When developing this car, Daimler developed an especially cheap platform the "Modular Front Architecture".

And although Mercedes had insanely poor build quality, they managed to make it kinda work.

(By "kinda work" I mean that they axed it and replaced it with a different platform)


Renault-Nissan didn't make it work - at all.

They failed massively on safety, they managed to make a neck snapper.

And in the US they managed to avoid doing any serious safety tests for this platform,

Usually all car maneufactuers run to test their cars and show how safe they are, so a brand like Mercedes/infiniti not testing a car on the iihs is a sign of trouble.

In other works it's kinda of a death trap.




It's an ABSOLUTE crap shoot.

I get if you want to have a luxury logo on your hood and you don't mind buying a crap car,

But an Infiniti logo on a crap car?... that's a pass.

I really appreciate such a detailed analysis and will indeed pass the info over.