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What's your all time favorite engine? Why? And what is your most hated engine of all time? Why?


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There are a ton of engine out there.  From every make, every model, every year.  Some make it to our favorites.  Some not so much.  

So, what is your all time favorite engine? Why is it an amazing engine? 

What is your most hated engine of all time? Why is it a horrible engine?

Amazing. I drove an n52 engine. I imagine the b58 is a more modern and probable more reliable inline 6.

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Fiat eco-diesel is one of the worst.

I’m all for the environment. But it seems like any engine with the word eco in it is horrible.

well it is a diesel so ecodiesel is an oxymoron...


I've always liked the Rambler/AMC/Jeep inline six which culminated in the fuel-injected Jeep 4.0.

The Chevy Vega aluminum engine was complete trash.

I'm always intrigued by any inline 6. They don't make them too much these days.

Inline sixes used to be common as dirt. Another great one was the Chrysler slant-six, those things were nearly indestructible. It's amazing how badly that company has sunk. Decades ago Chrysler was pretty much the gold standard for trouble-free engines and automatic transmissions.


Favorite engine: 4.8L V10 in the Lexus LFA

Why: Sounds amazing, engineering marvel


Favorite engine I've owned: Ford 4.6L 2V V8

Why: Best V8 exhaust note to my ears


Worst engine: Fiat EcoDiesel

Why: Italian. Diesel. Self explanatory.


Favorite: LS3. easy to work on, lot's of power for little $$.

Least favorite: Ford 2.3L 4cyl. Nothing but problems no matter which vehicle we had that this engine was in.

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I like your question. I had 1990 Buick Park Avenue with 3.8 liter V6. Great engine. My least favorite is Nissan 2.0 4-cylinder. I have that now and burning oil

It seems the Buick's are more resilient than their GM siblings?

Agree. GM doesn’t get a lot of love on this forum, but the 3800 V6 is in the running for best bang-for-the-buck motor of all time. And good condition salvage units are cheap and plentiful.


Best: Toyota's 2JZ-GTE

I don't think this engine needs an intro, right? Great reliability if you just want to daily drive it and I think I heard something about these being great to tune?... not too sure though 😉 

The 4th gen Supra Turbo is a dream car of mine - I hope to own one some day and build it to my desire. A buddy of mine used to have a 1995 Supra with this engine. It made 700 hp at the wheels with a big single turbo and made all the perfect noises you want a Supra to make - that thing was absolutely insane. Hands down #1 engine in my opinion.


Worst: Ford 5.4L Triton V8

I don't have any personal experience with these, but I've read soooo many nightmare stories about these I had to put it on here. I don't want to knock Ford too much - I think they make the best full-size trucks on the market and I LOVE the Shelby GT 350. But, even Ford people have to admit that Ford kinda wet the bed with this engine. 


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I wish Toyota still made an inline 6 🙁 .


Honda- b16 or k20

toyota- 2jz

dodge- gen2 426 hemi or a 440

chevy- 454 or lsx or 350

mitsubishi 4g63

nissan rb26


Tie between 4.8 V10 (LFA) and 3.8 TT V6 (GTR R35), well-engineered and both sound amazing! A runner u would be the BMW B58, a very solid engine with smooth power and nice sound from an inline 6 alongside the VQ35 engine with good power, nice noise, and excellent reliablity.

The engine that I love and hate is the S85 V10 in the E60 M5, it sounded unreal but it was so unreliable.

Worst engine IMO, tie between the 1.1 4 cylinder in the Yugo (horrid reliability), 2.2 4 cylinder ecotec (horrible reliability), and the 3.0 ecodiesel V6 (Italian design, horrible reliability)


Favorite engine of all time that I have rebuilt is the Porsche 911 air cooled, flat six engine.  Taking one of these apart and putting it back together makes you appreciate good engineering.  Second choice is the 350 small block Chevy.  Third best is the Toyota 22R.  I can't think of a really bad one.  I just love anything internal combustion.

I’m curious, what about the Porsche engine makes it an engineering marvel, and especially and air cooled one?!

I don't know if I would call it an engineering marvel, but it was so logically designed. Everything fit properly and had a distinct purpose. Foe example, the crankshaft rides on eight, yes eight main bearings. Even on old engines, you almost never need to replace the mains, only the pistons and cylinders. They came with piston squirters to cool the pistons, whic only some of our modern day cars have. These engines were built to last. Also, a dry sump oil system, pressure fed roller cam chain tensioners and the list goes on.

I was hoping someone would name the 350 small block. Legend.


I've been driving with them a long time and have a real appreciation of the Saab 4-cylinder engine, which originated as a 1960s Triumph design. They make good power, can rack up hundreds of thousands of miles with a little care, and for the most part are reasonable to work on. Almost ridiculously overbuilt, at least in pre-GM models. (This is actually pretty surprising because the original Triumph mill was a real pig with endless quality problems.)

For a domestic American engine I've always liked the AMC/Rambler seven-main-bearing inline six. Originally introduced in 1964, it was reworked several times over the years to finally become the Jeep 4.0 inline six that was made through 2006.

Worst that I've personally seen is probably the Chevrolet Vega engine. You think some Toyotas and Subarus have oil burning problems? You ain't seen nothing.


Agreed, that AMC 258 L6 was/is pretty much indestructible. A close runner up would be the old Chrysler 225 slant 6.

I have to agree that many of the best engines are straight sixes - even brands that seemed to make other types of engines full of flaws managed to turn out smooth, easy to maintain, pretty reliable mills.
And the companies who usually did good engines - Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, their sixes are among the best they ever did. Worst has to be the Vega.


fun question!

I definitely prefer reliability and easy maintenance over speed/power, so I think I'll go with Toyota's 22RE as my favorite. Least favorite? Anything by fiat/

What are were the 22RE applied to?

Not sure about all the other models, but I know that the 22RE was in the early 90's Toyota pickups. The 22R, a carbureted 2.4L 4cyl, was used in the early '80s, then was renamed the 22RE when EFI'd it. Toyota also came out with a 22RTE when they turbocharged the little sucker.

Wikipedia gave me this list

22R (2.4L I4, Carbureted, NA)
1981 Toyota Corona
1981–1997 Toyota Hilux
1981–1984 Toyota Celica
1991 Toyota Cressida
1981–1995 Toyota Pickup
1984 Toyota 4Runner
1984–1989 Toyota Land Cruiser II, Bundera

22R-E (2.4L I4, EFI, NA)
1985–1995 Toyota Hilux
1983–1985 Toyota Celica
1983–1987 Toyota Corona RT142
1984–1995 Toyota Pickup
1985–1995 Toyota 4Runner
1989–1997 Volkswagen Taro

22R-TE (2.4L I4, EFI, turbo)
late 1985–1988 Toyota Hilux, 101 kW (135 hp; 137 PS)
1986–1987 Toyota 4Runner

My 1981 Toy 4x4 pickup is a 22R, not an RE.


Best for me would be the b18b. Best all around with power and gas mileage along with easy mods and relibality

I’m not familiar with that one. Who makes it? What type of cylinder configuration?


Fave: Toyota 2JZ, Nissan SR20; reliable and extremely tunable.

anything carbureted; cheap and easy maintenance.

Pre 2014 F1 engines: THE SOUND!!!

Yamaha motorcycle/outboard/mower engines

Least Fave: Small (<1.4L) diesel engines which seem to be the flavour of the month in Ireland and UK nowadays. 

That Fiat multi-air turbocharged heap of junk. Neighbour owns a 2018 Fiat 500 and it's been back to the dealers workshop more often than it's been parked on her driveway.

Anything over about 2.5L that's fitted to an everyday car, mpg is just going to be appalling



Ford 7.3 turbo diesel anyone??? my grandfather had a 2001 F350 and when he passed the engine had 300K miles on it with everything original besides the water pump. that was one damn good truck

Least favorite FCA 2.4 "world" engine, or the Ford 3.0 turbo diesel. It is hard to pinpoint one bad motor because there are many out there. The ford 3.0 diesel had many problems, and the Chrysler is very self-explanatory  


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My favourite are reliable ones and cheap to maintain. I hate all others.


Favorite:  LS-family of engines (in particular the naturally aspirated LS1, LS3, LS7).  Why?  Naturally aspirated.  Simple pushrod V8.  Port injection.  No variable valve timing.  No direct injection.  No cylinder deactivation.  Very reliable (except for LS7 which had numerous issues).  Easy to work on.  Easy to make more power with a few mods.

Least:  Ford Cyclone V6 engines, particularly the transverse 3.5L, 3.7L, and Ecoboost 3.5L.  Why?  Because having ~$40 water pump inside engine and driven by timing chain is asking for trouble.  Who would design an engine like that?!