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What's your opinion on Citroen DS5's


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Hi Scotty,

I'm considering buying a Citroen Ds5. I'm unsure of the reliability of these cars, do you have any information on them.


Craig. D

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Thanks for letting me know of this question,
The DS5 is definitely one of the coolest looking cars out there, but some where built in China.

As far as reliability, the 1.6L (“The Prince”) turbo charged engine isn’t a well built engine - it’s basically a Mini Cooper engine.

The gearboxes on these aren’t bad, it’s either an AISIN 6 speed unit that drivers reasonably well, or a 6 speed EGS6 motorized manual - these are probably the only motorized manuals I’d recommend but TBH, the automatic is much much much better.

The electronics on these are shady, if equipped with the HydroActive suspension that one is also isn’t easy to repair unless you’re in France or the UK where they know how to fix them.


(avoid the Diesel Hybrid, those are so rare and bizarre I’m not sure anyone knows how to fix anything on those)


basically it’s a good car for the first 110k miles before it falls apart. I know people who had DS and not have had a single issue in 120k but that’s only if you get lucky, I herd a lot of people have Citroën C5 (on which this car is based on) fall apart.



As I know, they have some problems with suspension and wheel bearings. Perhaps @dan knows more.

Good luck!


Difficult to know or assess since Citroen's aren't sold here in the states. You'll have to wait for some Euro people to chime in.