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Chevrolet Spark Purchase vs Japanese


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Scotty Good Morning 

long time Toyota driver here for 25 years.  Currently have a 2004 Tacoma and 2006 Tundra.  

I want to add a New Chevrolet Spark as a weekend city car and to travel to visit my parents back and forth (3 hour ride) once a month.  I know GM is just ok vs Toyota.  I just think the Spark is a fun car. (driving it reminds me of the 80s VW golfs or Civic CRX).  I have seen examples over 200 and even 300 miles still running in the forums.  Seems the CVT is the major issue, but I would be getting the 5 speed manual transmission.   

deep discounts are often given on these cars new.  I over maintain all my vehicles, synthetic oil every 5k and coolant / gearbox every 50k.  

it seems the GM of Korea cars are more reliable than the GM otherwise.  What are you thoughts?  

Thank You. 

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They can be decent cars. I think Scotty has a video on these cars.

Here it is:

Thank you

I know Scotty is not a fan of GM. And I'm a long term Toyota guy. I just think these little cats look fun and with a manual gearbox should be relatively problem free Smile


GM Korea is actually worse. I would only buy one if you can find a used one for next to nothing. Otherwise, if you want something fun to drive, get a Miata.

For a fun to drive car a Spark is an odd choice.


It’s your money, buy whatever you wish.

They're much more reliable with a manual..


go ahead, they are pretty fun to drive with a manual transmission but don't overpay since they have no resale value.


Eeehhh.....I wouldn't recommend one even with a manual. They are an ok rental, but that's about it.