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How to fix Wheel Alignment in my 2010 Camry?


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Hi Scotty

I own a 2010 Toyota Camry which has 142K miles on it. Recently I changed all the 4 tyres with Brand new Michelin tyres. While installing the tyres, the company balanced the wheels and recommended a wheel alignment do be done.


I purchased a Lifetime Wheel Alignment from Firestone and got the wheel aligned by them. However on the highway and the normal roads, I found that my car was always swirling to the right when I left the steering wheel.

I had to take the car back to the firestone guys and they said that they made some correction and told that it's fixed.

However, I still find that the car swirls to the right. I checked with my friends and they said that normally the highways have a little incline[which I donot agree to] and that's the reason the car is swirling to the right.

Now the question I have for you or rather I would like to know, how can I asses that the wheel Alignments are proper. And if they need to be worked on, how can I get them fixed by the mechanics at Firestone.

Does your alignment report state that everything is within spec/tolerance?

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All roads are "crowned" for drainage.  Your car will always pull to the right, except if you're driving in England.


It's true, freeways do have a little incline to the right. TBH, I'm not sure how much it affects the steering though.



Firestone isn't going to do the best alignments. Unfortunately the only way to know for sure is to have someone else redo it. 


You friend is right.


Also, busy roads can have shallow ruts worn into the asphalt. This affects steering too.


You friend is correct. Do you have the spec sheet for the alignment? See if you can find an honest place to check it out. I know of a place that checks for free. Unfortunately that is in LA county. I am sure there are  other places as well. A trick is to go to an empty road where you can drive exactly in the middle to see if the car goes straight. 


Transportation engineers create inclines on highways for sake of drainage when it rains and other logistical reasons so yes there is an incline, but not an expert on how that affects the steering. Maybe try letting go of the steering wheel at low speed on a neighborhood road (like <15mph) and see if it still goes to the right. At higher velocities because of incline the wheels might track towards right because thats the direction of incline. Another point to make is Firestone is not a quality place for service, they rip people off and have been involved in scandals.

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