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Which alternator should I choose?


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Hello. I have a 1985 Suzuki SJ413 with about 70 000 km. Originally it wad a 1,3 litre engine, but the previous owner has swapped the block with a 1998 Suzuki Baleno 1,6 litre. My alternator is starting to go bad, should I get an SJ413 or a Baleno alternator? The head is an original 413 head. Thanks


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Take a pic of what you have now, and make sure what you buy is the same.

If the previous owner just swapped the block, it has the SJ413 (we call them Samurais here) alternator, and I would replace it with one just like it - the previous owner may have made changes or adjustments to the brackets to fit the SJ413 alternator to that new block, so it would be unlikely you'd have to change anything back.