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2021 Toyota Sienna - Rebranded title (Lemon buyback)


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I am considering getting a 2021 Sienna and came across one particularly good deal with only 20k miles and a rare color that we like a lot.  BUT, it has a rebranded title due to being a lemon buyback.  The issue noted was a "popping noise" from the front of the car.  Looking into it further, I've found a number of these reports and not really sure what to make of it.  Anyone ever hear of this?  Can it be fixed?  Am I setting myself up for bad things buying a "lemon" on purpose?


The gas mileage of these hybrid Siennas is the big draw here, so definitely narrowed to them.....but are they all susceptible to this?

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I would not consider buying a lemon buyback vehicle. What I see is a little bit of a gamble going on. Look at something else.

I think my gut says the same. That's a bummer. The buyback sheet also mentioned "brakes" and "struts". No idea if this was ever rectified and Toyota only guarantees their repair for 12 months.........ugh

Were you in the market for a vehicle with 3rd row seating?

I am, but also trying to achieve a big swing in the mpg department, too. Which narrows the options considerably.


Dealerships don't buy back lemons for nothing. It was deemed unfixable. There must be something VERY wrong with it.