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Which truck should i buy?


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Hey Scotty, i'm looking for a work truck that will last. i been looking around for Fords, Old chevy's and old dodges. Car prices have gone insane, i'm not interested in a tundra because they are too expensive. i had a 2006 dodge dakota but the thing got on fire and couldn't be fix so i sold it for $600. i'm looking at 1998 dodges and fords, and chevy's, What do you think its the cheapest truck from these 3 brands, i have $4k to spend so  which is the best option to use for landscaping?

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Go to the bank and take out a business loan and buy a nice truck. $4k isn't going to get you anything ready to roll that you can depend on to make a living. Especially for a tough job like landscaping.

Or consider a lease. The payments will 100% deductible as a business expense, rather than a capital asset gain which is amortized over several years.


Have you considered Nissan Frontier? 


That is a tricky question. You limited to $4000, I understand that. Why not just say what is the best, most reliable truck I can get for $4000?

You ask in the last sentence what the cheapest truck is, that contradicts reliability, and quality.

Are you going to be towing a trailer, or just using the bed?

I suggest you don't eliminate toyota, just limit to $4000. You never know when you happen upon a good one, for a good price.



Good luck, but at that price point who knows what you are going to get. I would stay away from Chevy or Ram, at those kind of miles and years you will have nothing but problems. Also you are looking at the time when Ford was putting in the triton engine and they had issues, along with the transmission. Careful about Tundras from the late 90s they had rusting issues. I would keep looking for a early 2000s tundra and hope you get lucky.