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I live in Toronto and just purchased some Dynamo DW701 winter tires brand new. People were telling me that it’s not a good brand and won’t last me a long time like Michelin’s or Goodyear’s. I assumed since I’m only going to have them on for about 3-4 months the tires wouldn’t really wear out. I just want to have some safe tires for the winter season and was on a budget which is why I bought the Dynamos. Does the tires brand really matter when it comes to winter tires.

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Considering winter in some areas can be the most dangerous time to drive, and tires can be a major factor in your ability to stay safe, yes brand is a major factor.

I am not familiar with those, you already bought them, so try them out in a nice open parking lot when you get some snow and ice, see how they do.

After all, you said you are on a budget, and you already have them, just test them out and see what you think. Worst case, you have to get another set, and you can sell the ones you have.

I prefer nokian for winter tires, they were the people that invented them, and I have been really happy in nasty weather with them. There are many other well known manufacturers that have some great winter tires, and some are not too costly. They can really make the difference between getting in a wreck, and just getting a good scare.