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Why is my steering wheel shaking?


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Scotty, I have a 2018 kia sedona and the steering wheel shakes a little at highway speeds and seems like it veers to the left if i let go of the wheel. I've replaced my tires, had an alignment, replaced rotors and pads. The struts look ok as far as i can tell and there's no play in the wheels when pulled up/down and side to side. Any ideas what could be going on? Please help!

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If it's veering to one side, then whoever you took it to for alignment .... didn't align it!

That would be the dealership... just my luck

@Mark0529 tell them they did a lousy job, and you want it done right.


Have them check for worn tie rod ends.  If they are worn, the best alignment in the world won't solve the problem.  Somebody should invent a way to do a dynamic wheel alignment and make millions.

I will ask, thanks for your help