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What minivan should I buy


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Hello Scotty, 

Ur fan here. Need ur advice on which used Minivan Model/Year you would strongly recommend from reliability and longevity point if view. 

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Posted by: @hvhig93gmail-com

from reliability and longevity point if view. 

Toyota Sienna is the most reliable and longest lasting.


The Mazda5 (now discontinued, I believe) has a solid reputation and maybe the most bang for the buck in the used minivan market. A little small though.

Stay away from the Mercedes Metris. Even Doug DeMuro knows that😉

The Mazda5 is just a 2nd gen Mazda3 (that at the time was a Euro Ford Focus) with a different body style. It’s good for the first 125k-150k miles. The Jatco 5 speed conventional automatic is the weak point.
It’s not bad, but not great.