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Are Audi cars expensive to maintain


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Been interested in the Audi Q5, are Audis like other luxury European car companies like BMW and Mercedes’ where after the warranty runs out they become ridiculously expensive to maintain. 

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Posted by: @jacky

where after the warranty runs out they become ridiculously expensive to maintain.

Who says after warranty?

I’ve known multiple owners who have stories of nightmares, about the car needing thousands of dollars worth of work, within the warranty period..

Posted by: @jacky

Audis like other luxury European car companies

They're worse, it's VW -

Most companies care about their companies delivering a good quality driving experience

As it seems to me, VW doesn't care if your car doesn't even drive normally, they way they have acted is as if, after you have transferred the money and they gave you the car - their obligation to you ends.


Does your car jerk you forwards and backwards uncontrollably? Good for you, VW costumers have been jumping a long in their overpriced junk cars for the last 3 years straight! - oh and if you call the dealer? the solution is going to be available "SOON", the same response as for the last 2.5 years. I am not kidding.


I'm sure VW group works as hard as they can to include the disappointment as standard! To facilitate that, As far as I know, This time they took the dreadful EA888 and boosted it even more! So that instead of failing at 80k-100k (as scotty has documented) like the previous generations, not it lasts even... less! (scotty has a great video on that engine in an Audi A4)


Oh and that wholesome new DSG fanboys rave about! they will tell you about how it's shifting between 2 manual gearbox with joy - the new generation one I drove made me literally sick. as in I actually felt like I am going to puke.

And that's nothing short of a HUGE achievement on VWs engineering team's part, I have a Toyota AMT and I enjoy it shifting like a drunk driving student and used to daily a Ford Powershift - I'm no stranger to transmission designed by clowns with the worst possible traits, I actually like them.

surely no DCT, especially a "LuXuRy" one can not make me uncomfortable - I though! but VWs new generation DQ381 (although I think the Q5 has the sister gearbox, the DL382) has managed to! It's something about how it does that horrid jerk about every 6mph.

I know the DSG shifts poorly usually because of poor oil service, but that's still no excuse for a car to be almost underivable when following the RECOMMEND(!) service requirements.


Take you money, go buy a Lexus SUV.

Yeah they're also not great but at least they won't make you regret every second while driving one.