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Why wont my 17 Elantra start?


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Scotty i have a 2017 Hyundai elantra SE with 142k miles, the car was used and i bought it for 7k back a few months ago, i love the car it ahas all the bells and whistles of new cars and besides change the spark plugs and the valve cover gasket i havent had to do much the engine still runs like a dream, my only problem is, the last few times i have went out, the car wont start, i turn the key and i hear a click but the engine wont turn, then that happened for about 2 days and thentoday it started just fine, i went to autozone and got my battery tested but they said it was fine and there wasn’t corrosion, i dont wanna pay a bunch of money for a starter yet though if its not even that thats the problem what do you think it could be? Love the videos keep it up man

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The fact autozone tested doesn’t mean it’s alright - did they load test it with a special tool to see it’s cold cranking amps? Or just a regular voltage test…

Huh that is true, i noticed though that once my range dropped under 400 Miles(i overfilled it i know i shouldnt have) then thats when it started to start okay again, do you think it could maybe be something With the fuel injectors or pressure or something like that?

Fuel pumps always die right after you getting a full tank - *BUT* then 99% of the time it would crank just wouldn’t start.

Maybe the fuel is bad but I doubt that.