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[Solved] 08 Toyota Solara Convertible (161k miles) Thoughts on first-car?


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Hey guys, I've been looking for a reliable used convertible for under ~$10k.

Is this a yay or nay? I found a 08 Toyota Camry Solara with 161k miles for $5.5k. (V6 3.3L, 3MZ-FE) 

This will be my first car. I heard Solara is reliable but is 161k too much?

How much will you negotiate the price to?
Or better sticking with Mazda Miata convertible?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, everyone. (Front) (Back) (Interior)

3 Answers

Well they are great cars but have a mechanic. Check it out before you buy. It might be highway mileage where it would be good shape but if it was all stop and go sitting driving it's probably all worn out then


Not a bad idea also a lot more practical than a Miata


Definitely have it checked before purchasing it, but it overall looks in clean and good shape. Kinda jealous too lol