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How do I service my automatic transmission


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I've been watching your advice since you were featured on channel 11 khou.

Loved your advice because it was always common sense, even now when I watch your YouTube videos, short and to the point.

Recently I started restoring my old 1995 Toyota t100 2wd auto trans, got 188k on odom. Transmission has never been serviced. ( That I know of)

Been asking around about doing a trans flush and fill, but keep getting diff answers..."1 don't do it cause it will clog and ruin your tranny". 2 "only drain fluid and replace what comes out with new fluid"

What is your opinion and advice?

I can send you pics of my truck in the sad state it used to be, and restoration pics of it now, if you like...

Thanks for your help and I hope God keeps you a good long time on earth, we can use a good guy like yourself for your knowledge

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Well you never want to flush any of them that can cause problems. But you could drop the pan and change the fluid and filter that just comes out. That's what I would do