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Brake light...ABS light...and ESC light on


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Hi..I love your enthusiasm... I have a 2007 Kia Sorento 94000 mls automatic 2wd

Beast was shifting to the left every time I'd brake

Went for maintenance alignment and rotation...told them about the problem.

Was told it was not the alignment and I needed a caliper.  Had both front calipers changed.

But while bleeding brakes..all of them ... I changed rear pads to there was no brake fluid on the passenger front. Tried couple of times. Followed the line back to the ABS. 3 lines had oil 1 didn't..

Went to junkyard bought abs unit..swapped it caliper gets fluid..brakes work fine.

BUT before changing the abs unit I had no dash lights it's like Christmas. Brake light abs light and ESC light are all on.

Looked all over to find a video or solution. Found squat..nothing suggested worked. ESC is not it didn't work. 

Read somewhere..could be wheel sensor.

 Yeah..which one if so. Does something need to be reprogrammed since the abs box was changed?  I do remember..the abs unit came off a Sorento that had 4wd and mine is 2wd. Would that be the problem?

Not many Sorentos in bone yards around here. Was lucky to find this one. I think.

Stopped at a shop to have I'm not to happy that is Christmas everytime I get into the car.

My friend did the work..I'm a I was the most women 😂 lol he is puzzled and know don't want to keep harping about the lights .

Probably never even needed a caliper...but that's what those experts said.😛

Mr. Scotty sunshine...can you please shed some light on this (light) problem..and ESC .

Thank you...keep your videos going...I love them .. 






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Well, unfortunately you can't bleed the air out of those systems unless you have a high level scan tool to do the process. If you price around, you'll find those scandals are generally where from 500 to 5000. She really better paying the mechanic to do the job

Thanks for your I'll ask around if anyone knows of a honest knowledgeable shop that would scan bleed the system.
Right now...the breast brakes and stops without shifting left. Until I can find some place to take it I'm have to just put up with the lights.
I'll let you know if and when I take it someplace.
You have a great week. ☺️