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2000 4runner cranking but not starting


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Hi scotty, my sister owns a 2000 Toyota forerunner limited 4x4 with 358,000 miles and when she was entering San Francisco the other day going down the hill before the golden gate bridge the car suddenly died and to put it bluntly she was in for the ride of her life and used the momentum to ride halfway across the bridge without power breaks and steering. We ended up getting the thing towed back home. Currently the truck cranks and does not start, we asked a mechanic friend to diagnose it and he had no clue. Do you think it could have something to do with the alternator?

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See the FAQ.


If it still cranks the engine, then it's not the alternator.  Otherwise, it could be a lot of things.  We'll need more info.  

Several things come to mind.  Fuel pump, ignition module (if it has one), ran out of gas, timing belt broke.


If it's the alternator then it should start when you jump it. if you try to jump it and it still won't start there's always a possibility that the timing belt went and if so you're kind of screwed

Did you try spraying starter fluid into the air intake it could be a fuel pump