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[Solved] 2001 dodge ram 1500 v6


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I have a 2001 dodge ram with a 3.9L v6 engine. It has 155000 miles on it and it burns oil and coolant disappears. It is not leaking it or if it is it is not enough to see. Are either one of those things things to worry about, and is there anything that tends to go out frequently on this type of truck. 

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If you are losing coolant and there is nothing on the ground, get under the car and check to see if you can find any residue around the oil pan area. Sometimes you may have a small leak or a leak that only occurs while you are driving. 


If there isn't any, you'll want to check to see if your head gasket may be going. It is pretty common on those V6 trucks at that mileage. Here is a video from Scotty to help: