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2003 Toyota Celica GT - 5 Speed Manual - Problems with shifting


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Hey Scotty! I have a 2003 Toyota Celica GT. Its hard to shift into reverse and when i shift gears and let off the clutch the car jerks and results in a very unsmooth shift. sometimes i hold the clutch for a second after shifting and give a bit of gas before letting off the clutch but i feel like im ruining my clutch and transmission. Its been bothering me because i absolutely love this car but i dont want to get ripped off and end up paying big money for maintenance i do not need. 😭


 PS. I have learned so much from your videos, And have saved lots of $$$ with information provided on your channel!! Thank you so much!!!

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Well replace the clutch master cylinder in a clutch slave cylinder and prey it's that simple.because if not you'll either need a new clutch assembly which requires more removing the transmission or you have a problem with the shifter rods and transmission work cost a fortune