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Noise in engine bay


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Hey scotty, I have a ticking sound in my engine bay. After the engine accelerates and is let off I hear this metallic ticking in the bay. It's a 2015 ford mustang with 25000 miles. I did drive it hard the first year I got it but I cannot put my finger on the ticking. It sounds like a piece of sheet metal hitting against another steel piece what could it be??

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That sounds like a loose heat shield vibrating

im also bringing it into my schools shop to ask my instructors about it. i just wan to make sure before i change the wrong thing

when you're under the hood, look for the sheet metal shroud surrounding the exhaust manifold. Give it a poke. If it's loose then it will vibrate. If it's not there, then it could be on the bottom of the car.
It's hard for me to tell from the video, but you should be able to follow the sound.

ok sounds good i will check and see.


Make a YouTube video and post the URL here so I can watch it. A lot of those mustang engines are making noises as they age put your phone all around the engine while it's making noises you record so I can hear it from different angles