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Shoud I buy this BMW?


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Hey Scotty I have a question about a 2003 BMW 760Li that I'm looking to purchase or looking at and it's at 152k miles it's stating that it needs to pass emission and they're selling it at $3,000 is this a good deal or what I end up paying more for fixing the car and also they said the back passenger struts needs to be changed thank you for your precious time.

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With that many miles, I'm going to take a guess and suggest there are many more things wrong and or need replacing due to age.

Personally, I would pass.  There are many reasons that car is that cheap.

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Plan to replace the cats. That’s usually the emissions problem solution. 

Also make sure to budget what you are expecting to pay for it, per year for maintenance and repairs. 

Excellent cars, but need a TON of TLC and money to maintain. 


I would pass on it.  An old, high mileage BMW out of warranty is just not a good purchase - money pit will be on your hands.

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Updated information it's selling for $2300 with 132,500 mi on it the seller is stating in needs a little work to pass emission test and also the rear struts needs to be replaced 2003 BMW 760Li