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2004 camry long crank then starts


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Hey Scotty and the crew

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry with 285,000 miles on it, The car starts right away when it's cold but it takes 4-6 seconds to crank then start when the car is warm. Sometimes when it cranks for a long time, the engine light comes on showing an Oxygen sensor/Fuel pump code but turns off after an hour, What could be the issue?


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When was the last time you cleaned/replaced the fuel injectors? 

No idea, I've only had this car for 2-3 weeks

Never had a problem with losing fuel so it wouldn't be the fuel Injectors

Not related to loosing the fuel


Yaser has a point. If the injectors are clogged there may not be enough fuel, or the fuel is unevenly sprayed to properly ignite. It's a reasonable deduction.