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Need help buying a car for my friend


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So I have an co worker who is legally blind and have eye side problem. But he got especially glasses and just pass the driving test. His goal is around $7000 and is looking for car that is reliable and offers road side assistance. His mom is a military nurse and right now she is deployed for a year, uber is costing him alot and I am doing his pick and drop if I have get chance. Just last month he spent at least 600 on uber and lyft so if you can recommend me car 


I have few in mind 

Toyota camry  or Corolla 

Honda accord or civic 

But my question is do these cars offer road side assistance and lane changing assistance?

Sorry wasn't clear when I said legally blind I didn't mean he is blind and cannot see. He can see but he is really short sighted and need special glasses to aid him when driving car. But according to State and doctors he is considered legaly blind

So we decided to buy him a new car instead of going back and forth between mechanic and dealers. I am usually busy with job and his mom is currently deployed. His mom and me added money so our budget for is $15000 and should be enough to buy a new car and later make monthly payments

The car which we are looking for
Offer road side assistance like lane changing and other stuff etc
Not luxurious or fast
Can last long and has less issues
And not a suv or crossover ...he has hard time climbing the steps almost fell down on my dad toyota 4 runner....

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they give licenses to legally blind people? Shocked  


If you are talking about the new safety features, I think it is standard to all newer Toyota products but I'm not sure if you can get any of those with $7000.


I think it is a model by model basis.  Some may have them and some may not.  I don't think an older Camry, Accord, Corolla, or Civic would have lane changing assistance.


And what do you mean by road side assistance?

manufacturers and dealers offer roadside assist plans too.



i kinda think getting the driver a little higher to improve sight picture would be better, maybe a RAV4