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Brand new Supra already clunking


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  1. Scotty, my dad just bought a brand new 2021 Supra 3.0. It has less than 100 miles on it and it’s already making a clunking noise coming from the rear drivers side wheel, the dealership says it’s a wheel bearing and is going to replace it, should he keep the car or is this a sign of more problems to come in the future?
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Let the dealer fix it.  No car marker (including Toyota) is immune to issues even early on.  I would still keep it and it’s under warranty for a few years.


It's still under warranty. Weird that it happened so fast.  Give us an update on whether or not it fixed the problem.  Or if you return it.


its a BMW, aint it?

window sticker has
5% US/Canada
50% Germany
15% Austria
Engine parts: Germany
Transmission parts: Germany


Well, it's not really a Toyota, it's a BMW made in Austria. So it would not really surprise me if they start having problems that early on.,