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2004 Honda Odyssey makes a roaring sound when I acclerate


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I went on a long trip from Virginia to Niagara falls in my 2004 Honda odyssey last month. It has only 122,000 miles on it.

I noticed a roaring sound when I would accelerate on the highway.  My AC comprerssor went bad on me and I drove to the Falls and back home without AC.  There was a bad burning smell.

I had that changed when I returned home. 

I did check my oil level before leaving on the trip back home.  It was normal. But the noise remains and I also lost oil (almost 2 quarts).....I noticed this when I changed my oil after I came back home.

I dont want to put too much money in the van if engine will die on me.  I already changed its ATF 3 times, and put in a transmission cooler and also replaced the rear shocks

How can I tell if engine is bad? I did what you suggested also and jacked the front end up and spun the wheels...putting hand on coil springs.  No sound and wheel spins fine.

Your advice would be appreciated.

Can you please make a YouTube video of the noise and post the link here?

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Get a dry/wet compression test.  Check the snorkel between the air filter and the throttle body for tears or holes.  Check the tightness of the exhaust manifold.  Have you ever replaced the PCV valve in 18 years?  Should be checked.

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I had a fuel induction service done when I had the dealer replace PCV valve also.  I will do what you suggested.  Thank you.