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2005 Toyota Sequoia Emissions - P2238 Code


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Hello, Scotty,  I have a 2005 Toyota Sequoia, 4.7L, RWD (4x2) and I am having trouble getting it pass Emissions in Davidson County TN. The check engine light is on and I am getting a P2238 code (Bank 1 Sensor 1). In the last 60 days I have replaced both of the Exhaust Manifolds with gaskets, both catalytic coverters, (3) of the (4) 02/ fuel ratio sensors. I am down to the last straw, Do you have any suggestions.


PS- I don't want to get ride of the vehicle but may, I am located in Nashville, TN and  looking for a real Mechanic. I have been watching you since 2012.  '




Micah Hayden

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Well the only code for that can be a bad sensor bad wiring to the sensor or bad computer circuit that drives it. You should move to Clarksville like I have and you don't have to deal with that emissions for s***. Good luck though because it could be the computer you're going to need a real pro mechanic to check that out and then if it needs a computer it will cost a fortune then it will need reprogramming