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2006 Chrysler 300 touring gear isn't working gear 4 smooth


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Before the client knew me, he has been battling with his 2006 chrysler 300 touring which had gear issues. Two have been fixed by different technicians but one still remains unfixed. The first one, according to the client was a water that was mixed with the transmission fluid. Thus, a complete transmission was replaced.
Another was transmission fluid leaking slightly which was also fixed. Unfortunately, 1 still remains unfixed. Whenever, you on motion the gear changes from 1-3 it selects smoothly. But when the gear is about to go to 4 gear, it's accompanied with a noise.
Today, I retrieved a all system scan codes. There are listed below:

When I cleared the all system scan this is what I retrieved


Please how can I fix it permanently?




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Now you say the transmission's replaced and knowing how it goes it was probably a used junkyard transmission. I'd start a transmission is wearing out internally. If you can find somebody with provide directional tester you could see perhaps they shift solenoid is going bad. Pray it's that but for my experience let's transmission stinking if a used one was installed or supposedly rebuilt one, then it would just mean that they had transmission is garbage. Those are terrible cars as they age