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Cluster malfunction


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greetings scotty, electrical issue. 2006 Ford F150 4WD 5.4 Triton. when driving every dash light comes on and the speedometer quits working and the beep from the trip reset button will beep. even though that happens my truck doesn't lose power and is drivable. after about 20 seconds the tree lights go back to normal and the speedometer kicks back on and the beeping stops. in a half hour of driving i would say that it does that at least 4 times. i had it in the shop on a different repair (steering shaft) and when i dropped it off i told the lady in the office who i dropped the key off too about that bc i didn't want the mechanic to freak out when he took it for a test drive and it happened to him. but that has been over a month now that it was in the shop. but when i got my truck back the mechanic must of done something to fix it bc for 30 days after it never gave me a problem until today. he never charged me for it but i was wondering what the problem was and how did he fix it and what i can do to fix it. thanx

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thank you jack62

Excellent @jack62


Why not go and ask the mechanic?